Water Filter Tree 5 stage reverse osmosis system review

It seems there are more and more home reverse osmosis systems coming to the market every month. When I first started the site, there was only less than 5 options on Amazon and that list has grown since then. Water Filter Tree represents a new entry into this space. Let’s see how well it fares against the other models that I have reviewed in my best ro systems article.


Water Filter Tree review

water family tree reverse osmosis system reviewThe first thing I noticed about the Water Filter Tree RO system is its attractive price. Previously I have noted that express water has the cheapest price point and that is still the case but this new brand comes pretty close with a price of around USD170.  For a 5 stage reverse osmosis system, that is a pretty amazing price.

Price aside, is the system good. Answer is: pretty good.

Here are its good points.

  • Clean water: The test for any reverse osmosis system is the quality of its water and in this aspect, this model doesn’t disappoint. Using a TDS meter, the water has around 15 ppm. That is pretty good although not as low as those that I considered the best. However, for drinking purposes, it is good enough.


  • Booster pump included: Another good thing about this package is the inclusion of a booster bump that can help to increase water flow. Most RO systems don’t come with this so you need to spend another USD75 to USD100 to buy one.  This really makes the whole package sweeter.


  • Quality parts: Most of the parts were actually good quality and are build generically so that they can be replaced easily.  This is again a stand out feature for this system, especially at the price point it is selling.


Although the Water Filter Tree ro system is value for money, it does have a few downside that you need to be aware.

  • Confusing setup: Due to its lack of clear instructions, setting this thing up is no easy task. There is one particular problem that has caused frustrations for many that I should highlight here: the flow restrictor.  It seems to be wrongly installed on the pressure tank fill line. Instead, it should be waste water drain line. If you don’t correct this problem, you will find that the whole thing doesn’t work. This is a common problem to watch out for.


  • Poor adapters: Although most of their parts are good, the same cannot be said for their adapters. These are poorly made and I advise you to replace them with brass fittings instead. With that in place, the whole system can better endure the high pressure water flow such that it wouldn’t explode.



At the end of the day, the Water Filter Tree reverse osmosis system is a story of two parts. On one hand, it has excellent parts quality and pricing. On the other, the assembly work is lousy and the instructions cannot be rely on. If you can bear with the negatives of this model, it will be one of the best reverse osmosis system for the money.

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