Home master tmjrf2 jr f2 countertop water filtration system review

The Home Master 5 stage RO system is one of recommendations when I reviewed the best under sink reverse osmosis systems in 2015. Their remineralisation filter completes the package for me so I ended up buying it and have never regreted the decision. With this background, you will understand why I am excited about the countertop Home Master tmjrf2 jr f2 water filtration system. I finally bought this for my office space and I am loving it so far.


Not reverse osmosis countertop

home-master-tmjrf2-jr-f2-water-filtration-system-reviewOne thing to get it straight that the Home Master tmjrf2 jr f2 water filtration system is not a RO system. It do filters unwanted chemicals from the water but the process it uses is not reverse osmosis. If you are only looking for those, can I suggest you read these articles instead?

As you know, reverse osmosis process essentially uses water to clean water. However, the Home Master tmjrf2 jr f2 water filtration system doesn’t do this. Instead, it uses a 3 stage filtration process to get rid of as many unwanted chemicals as it can.


TDS reading and understanding

As this system doesn’t use RO, it doesn’t remove calcium and magnesium affects TDS readings the most. In fact, when I tested this with my trusted TDS meter, the reading only showed an improvement of 20%. If you have a reading of, say 400 ppm before the filter, it will likely reduce to 300+ ppm after the filtration. You are definitely not going to see a 0-10 ppm reading for non RO systems.

However that does not mean all chemicals are not filtered. I used the suggested chlorine test strips and found that there isn’t much chlorine in the water after the filtration.

The machine also passed the ‘taste’ test as the water becomes much refreshing after the filter was installed.


Home Master tmjrf2 jr f2 water filtration system pros and cons

Every system has its pros and cons and the Home Master tmjrf2 jr f2 water filtration system is no exception.


  • Water taste great
  • Super easy to install when I compared against the Under Sink version which I need to hire a plumber to do the job
  • Takes out harmful stuff like chlorine and fluoride, although not at 100%
  • Strong water pressure so that I don’t have to stand around all day, waiting for the pot to fill
  • Cheap!


  • Doesn’t take out calcium and magnesium resulting in higher ppm readings
  • The set up doesn’t allow you to hide the tubes it will there in the open
  • Filter change is quite frequent. I have changed mine after 3 months as I noticed the quality of the water taste differently from when I was installed the filter system



I feel the Home Master tmjrf2 jr f2 water filtration system is a good value for money buy. Yes, it is not a strong as countertop reverse osmosis system but it doesn’t cost you an arm and leg as well. Whether you really a RO system will depend on how bad your water is or how clean you want your drinking water to be.

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