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The thought of water filtration has never been a big thing with me until a few years ago. We were blessed with a child but my wife couldn’t breast feed her. As a result, we were forced to make do with processed milk powder. It was then that I decided to do more research on the quality of water as I wanted the best for my little girl. To my surprise (and horror), I realise the water we have been drinking isn’t as clean as I have assumed throughout my adult life!

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In an ideal world, we should have clean and pure water from our taps but in reality, this is not the case. From the amount of chlorine in the water to the different possible bacteria, I was amazed that we were putting this stuff into our bodies for as long as we have.

It is when I decided our family needs a water filtration system that takes away all the bad stuff that is in our drinking water.  Initially, I was pretty naive and bought a system from our local mall. I installed it and was happy that our family now have clean water to drink from. Upon further research, I then realised that not all water filtration system can do the job. To test out this theory, I used a PH tester on the water filtered from the system and to my horror, the PH was rather acidic and not as balanced as we thought.

That was the moment that prompted me to do more research and arrive at the current filtration system we have: the reverse osmosis filter system. The difference in water was immediate and my wife, who always have a preference for carbonated water, is  now a happy water drinker.

To avoid others from making the same mistakes that I do, I decided to create this site and provide in depth reviews on some of the best reverse osmosis systems for the money. I will also be sharing other informative articles on the state of our water cleanliness and its link to our wellness.

According to what I know, the first reverse osmosis system (also known as a RO system) also discovered in 1748. However, we had to wait for more than 200 years before the technology was ready to be applied in real world applications in 1984.  Fast forward to the present and we are now able to use this fantastic technology to filter out up to 98% of chlorine and bad bacteria in our water. You wouldn’t believe how much a difference this can make to the taste of the water.

Setting up these RO filter system in your home is now a simple affair. You don’t need a plumber to do this anymore although there will be drilling involved. Of course, certain brand have a more complex RO system that still warrants the help of a plumber but the majority of what is available in the market is pretty easy to install.

Once you have a taste of this clean water, I wouldn’t be surprised if you start to explore how to expand this supply to provide clean water to all parts of your kitchen. For me, it began with just filtered water out of the tap. Then I did a project that link the filtered water to the fridge so that I have clean ice as well. Now, the filtered water is even linked to our home water coolers so that we can have clean and cool water to drink from directly from the tap.

All in all, I love my reverse osmosis system and I think you will do.

Thanks for stopping by the website and I hope you find the information presented here useful and relevant. Have drinking!

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