Aquapurion 5-stage reverse osmosis system review

If you are looking for the best 5 stage reverse osmosis system, here is another option for you to consider: aquapurion 5-stage reverse osmosis system. It isn’t as popular as APEC and Home Master probably due to its lack of reviews on Amazon. However, it is a solid system that has been selling well. With its competitive pricing and high performance, I think it worth a look if you are thinking of buying a RO for your home.


Aquapurion ro system positive

Aquapurion 5 stage reverse osmosis system reviewLet’s talk about what is good about the Aquapurion ro system first.

Like all good RO systems, the water quality after being filtered by it is excellent. You can easily achieve a PPM of less than 10 with your tap water once it goes through the Aquapurion system.  Some customers even reports a PPM of less than 5 so the filtration process does work well.  The end result is that you will have clean and tasty water coming out from your tap.

Another great thing that separates the Aquapurion system from the rest is its installation instructions. If you read through other reviews that I have written such as this one on the best reverse osmosis system for 2015, then you will know installation is a big problem for most models. Not so here. This is because the company has provided very detailed step by step videos that you can view online. Through these videos, anybody can install the system, even without any plumbing experiences. This will save you hundreds of dollars of plumbing services if you are not a handy man or woman in the house.

Customer service is also great. Many customers reported a friendly and helpful service when they encounter problems and called the company.

Best of all, this is a US based company.  If you are the type that only trusted things that are made in the US, then this is the brand for you. Their pricing makes it easy though as they are not overpriced even though they are based in the states.

Any negatives?

These are not big issues but I feel it is important to take note of them for this review to be useful:

The waste water ratio a bit high as it ranges from 3 to 4 galleons of waste water to 1 galleon of clean water. Some other systems like APEC can do it within the ratio of 2.5:1. Fortunately, If this is a concern, there are ways to overcome this. I have highlighted what are some of these solutions are in my article on tips on how to reduce water wastage in reverse osmosis solutions.

There is one particular reviewer who mention that the fitting leaked. I am not sure how common is this problem but if this happens to you, it can be quickly remedied by increasing the thickness of the teflon tape that is used to keep the fittings together.

Finally, some feedback that the water flow is not too ideal. This problem is actually caused by low water pressure within your home and varies by location. If you think your home has low water pressure, then I suggest you get the ‘plus’ version of this model that includes a permeate pump or booster pump. That will help to increase the pressure and consequently, the water flow from the tap.



Overall, the Aquapurion reverse osmosis system is a solid consideration with its high filtering quality and reasonable price point. There are some minor flaws which can be easily corrected by DIY. If you love USA made products, then this US based company’s RO system will be what you are looking for.

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