Compact reverse osmosis system: a review of Hydrologic Stealth RO100

I have previously reviewed another compact reverse osmosis system known as Aquaphor RO system. While it is new, reviews have been fantastic so I was really keen to take a good look into how the system works and whether is it worth your money, relative to the Aquaphor.


How it works

Stealth RO100 reviewThe way Stealth RO100 works is very similar to the Aquaphor model. You need to some installation work to get it connect to your faucet if you want it permanent or you can use a faucet adapter if you don’t want it to be.

Once it is connect, the water will flow through the RO system and out from the other end.

The entire process isn’t as fast as a RO system with tank so it is best to use other storage appliances to save the water that has been filtered. In this way, you can always have access to filtered water without waiting for a life time on it.


Benefits of this system

The filtering capability of the Stealth RO100 is on par with most of the high quality RO systems. You can easily get a TDM of under 10 PPS so the water quality is definitely high.  Based on these results, I would say this filter can removed 95% and above of all unwanted stuff in your water.

In terms of output, the stated capacity is 100 galleons per day. However, that number can differ based on your set up. I know some Amazon reviewers can get it to produce 120 galleons using a mixture of booster pumps and other equipment. However most reviews I read seems to be under that number as they reports figures in the range between 60-40 galleons of water.

Do note however that the output can be adjusted based on how much filtration you want. If you opt for the 2:1 ratio, you will get more water but it will less filtered. If you go for the 3:1 option, you will have a lower TDM but less output.


 Minor flaws

No one system is perfect and this goes the same for the Stealth RO100. One of the main complaint is that it does not filter our chlorine.  To do that, you need to purchase an additional chlorine filter. It is not a big deal but something you want might to take note of.

One more thing to note is there seems to be a leaking problem near the pressure gauge area. I have seen more than 1 reviewer touching on this point. The remedy for this is to unscrew it and wrap some tape around the leak. This is stop the leaking.



The Stealth RO100 is a worthy contender for being one of the best compact reverses osmosis system in the market today. It is small in size, easy to install and produce excellent water. The only drawback is the speed of the water flow and the lack of filter for chlorine. In my view, the first problem is inevitable in all

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