Is Aquaphor the best compact reverse osmosis system? – A review

If you are looking for the best compact reveres osmosis system, Aquaphor will one of the best option around if budget is not an issue. I left this model in my best reverse osmosis system comparison as I thought the price was higher than what is necessary. However, this is really a great system so it is an injustice if I didn’t write this article to introduce it to those who can afford it. In fact, if not for the fact that I wanted to save some money for the new born, I would have gotten this model instead of the Home Master.

Compact reverse osmosis system 2015 review


How compact is the Aquaphor RO system?

Before we talk about any other of the good points, let’s look at how compact this system really is. The easiest way is look at the product dimensions. For the Home Master, which is the one I bought, it measures 20 x 16 x 13 inches. In contrast, the Aquaphor RO system measures 16.5 x 14.5 x 7.5 inches. Effectively, this is about half the size of the Home Master, which represents the average size of a reverse osmosis system. That is how compact the Aquahor really is.

One of the reason for the compact size is its storage tank. Due the way it processes wasted water, it doesn’t need that big a tank compared to other RO systems in the market. Below is a photo provided by the company. It shows you how compact this reverse osmosis system is:

Compact reverses osmosis comparison


Rest of the Aquaphor RO system review

Although having a compact RO system is great, I don’t think it justifies the USD500 price tag when others are selling are much lower prices. So what are the other benefits that warrants the price?

One of the most important, to me, is that Aquaphor has a re-mineralisation process similar to Home Master. This not only improves the PH balance of the water but helps you to intake of the minerals that are good for our body. Most reverse osmosis systems that have this feature are usually more expensive and that is indeed the case here.

Another good thing about the Aquaphor system is its ease of set up. The number of tubes running around is definitely less than my Home Master system, thus making it less tedious to do the set up. Changing the filter is also considerably more easy relative to others. All you need to do is to shut off the tap, press the button to release the old filter and replace it with the new ones. This will probably take you less than 2-3 minutes to do.

In terms of the filtration, this has a 4 step system. However, its final step has a 2 step process whereby the water needs to flow through twice. Hence, it is almost the 5 step filtration that is common among all the other reverse osmosis systems.



Aquaphor is truly a compact reverse osmosis system with a solid filtration that includes the remineralization process that so many other RO systems are missing. The only downside is that this is a relatively more expensive unit. However, if budget is not an issue, this is a great unit to have under your counter sink. There will be no tubing mess and you wife will love you for it.

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