Best filtered hot and cold water dispenser reviews

Besides having a RO system, there are other ways to enjoy great tasting filtered water. One of this way is to have the best filtered hot and cold water dispenser. Although the filtering might not be strong as a reverse osmosis system but it is definitely better than having no filter at all.  In this article, we will be reviewing some dispensers that have been getting solid feedback.


Hot Cold Dispenser comparison chart

ModelDescriptionOur RatingsReview
best filtered hot and cold water dispenseriBottleless Stainless Steel Cooler4.5 Stars- Sleek Design
- Temperature control is good
- Filtering can be better
water dispense with reverse osmosisGlobal Water Reverse Osmosis Dispenser4 stars- Reverse osmosis filtering
- Sleek Design
- Expensive
primo hot cold water dispense reviewPrimo Dispenser3.5 stars- Affordable
- Manufacturing error that can be fixed (See below)
Whirlpool hot cold water dispense reviewWhirlpool Dispenser4 stars- Self cleaning feature
- No leaking problem
- Slightly more expensive than Primo



Editor’s Choice: iBottleless countertop hot and cold water dispenser review

best filtered hot and cold water dispenserOne of the most highly rated instant filtered hot and cold water dispenser is from iBottleless. The first thing that will strike you about this model is its sleek and modern design. It takes up less space than most other dispenser and looks really good in a modern and contemporary kitchen.

In terms of set up, it is pretty easy to install this in your kitchen. However, one suggestion for your installation is to place it near the edge so that it is easier to fill up large bottles. If you placed this too near inside, there isn’t enough space between the sprout and the bottom surface of the kitchen counter top.

The dual temperature control also works very well. If you like cold water coming out from the tap then you will love the ease of this dispense.

The only negative thing about this is the quality of the filtering. If you are used to RO level of quality, this wouldn’t satisfy you.  The best way to fixed this is to change the filters that come with the system.  Fortunately, that is very easy to do with this model. You can easily swap out the original filters and replaced them by whatever fanciful filers you want.

Overall, it is a great dispenser that looks good and is easy to set up. Its only weakness can be easily overcome by replacing the filters so I don’t see a big problem with it.


Buying Guide

When shopping for water dispensers, below are the things that you should pay attention to:

  • Temperature of water: This is the primary purpose of the machine i.e. dispense hot and cold water. Most of the dispensers have no problem with boiling water but the temperature of the cold water varies by machines
  • Bottom or top loaded: When the water tank is placed will determined how much hassle it is for you to replace the tank. In general, I recommend bottom loading models.
  • Prices: Dispenses have wide dispersity in their prices so it is important to shop around. Dispensers with reverse osmosis tend to be more expensive due to its extensive filtration systems.
  • Countertop or full length: The ones used in offices tend to be full length for larger capacity. For home use, countertop water dispenses are more compact and can help you save valuable space
  • Ease of replacement: Certain hot and cold water dispense faucets are difficult to replace or make sure you only choose those that have spare parts easily available.


Review of hot cold water dispenser brands

In this section, I will review the leading brands in this category including the likes of InSinkerator, Primo, Whirlpool and Global waters. What I am looking out for will include things like what was mentioned above.


Global water – Hot and cold water dispenser with reverse osmosis

water dispense with reverse osmosisIf you are more serious about the quality of the water, then this model from Global Water is for you.  It uses reverse osmosis filters as its water purification technology and that really helps to keep the water clean and pure.

The reverse osmosis system is a 3 stage system. The first stage removes the bigger particles while the second uses carbon filters to clear stuff like chlorine. The final stage is the membrane for improving water taste as well as removing fine chemicals in the water.

Design wise, it looks sleeks and occupies minimal counter top space as well. Like the iBottleless model, it is also better to install this closer to the edge if you want to refill large bottles. Installation is a breeze and needs no effort, unlike the reverse osmosis systems that I have reviewed on this blog.

The downside of this model is the price. It is about 70% more expensive than normal hot and cold water dispense without the reverse osmosis. Whether the cleaner water is worth the price premium is something only you can decide for your family.


Primo bottom loading hot cold water dispenser review

primo hot cold water dispense reviewPrimo water dispenser is a pretty well know and popular brand. Overall, the machine works well and you can get both cold and boiling water easily out of the tap. However, there is one glaring problem which is commonly seen in all reviews: these dispensers have a tendency to leak! This not only cost you money but results in a pool of water on your floor which can damage either the carpeting or the actual floor tiles.

Fortunately, someone on Amazon has found out what is causing the error. Basically, container where water is heated has a faulty lid design. There is no latch or anything that will hold the lid on the container when the water starts to boil and pushes against it. As a result, heat and water escapes the container and cause the leak.

To fix this issue, you need to use masking tape to hold the lid to the container. However, you need someone strong to push the lid against the container when you are duct taping it or it will be too loose. This will take some effort and is best done when you have the unit new and unused.

Besides this fault, the overall unit is still good value for money. It is not too expensive for a dispenser and looks really elegant when placed in the office or home.


Whirlpool hot cold water dispenser review

Whirlpool hot cold water dispense reviewThe Whirlpool model is similar to the Primo model but without the leaking but carries a higher price tag. It looks equally as good and dispense boiling water instantly. Unfortunately, the cold water aspect is lacking as the temperature is probably just below room temperature, rather than really cold.

There is a nice alert system that will tell you when the water level is running low and needs replacement. This system comprise both light and sound. The light also serve as a useful guiding light at night. However, it cannot be turned off.

Finally, there is the self cleaning feature which I think is great. Cleaning any water dispenser or filter is a chore and I am betting that most wouldn’t do it, even though this might dirt the water. Having the machine self clean is great and might be worth the higher price point.

One downside for this model is the shallow distance between the wall and the sprout. You can’t fit a larger pitcher under the tap so that makes refilling large water containers a bit cumbersome.


InSinkErator – hot cold water dispenser faucet

hot and water cold water dispense faucetUnlike the previous brands, this is only a hot cold water dispense faucet. You have to get the its hot water tank and filtration system separately before the faucet can be used. Hence,  I will treat them as one piece of equipment in doing this review.

Right off the bat, let’s talk about the price. The faucet itself costs nearly $300 so it is not cheap. Added to this the pricing of its hot water tank and you will easily spend near to $500 for this entire system. Despite the high price, it is alarming to hear that replacement of parts is nearly impossible. If any of the components stop working due to wear and tear, it is likely that the company will ask you to replace the whole unit instead of the parts that are damaged.

Its main selling point is that it is an instant boiling water dispenser, as the water has been pre heated when it is at the water tank stage. Unfortunately, the cold water is merely room temperature water so it is not suitable for someone who really wants a cold drink. One thing to note is that the faucet will drip water if you have the water at a constant boiling point. This is due to a lack of vale between the tank and the sprout. So, when water boils over, you will see the dripping happening.



I have recommended the best model as well as other brands that carry filtered hot and cold water dispenser for the money. Only the Global Water model has reverse osmosis capability and hence is more expensive. Which one is best for your home depends entirely on your preference regarding quality of water as well as budget.

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