Is reverse osmosis water good or bad for you?

When I first started drinking filtered water through reverse osmosis, it never occurred to me that it can be bad. As I stated in the homepage of, the reason why I got into this in the first place was to get clean water for my little girl’s milk. I already know that unfiltered water contains a lot of undesired elements that need to be removed. What I didn’t know then is that there is also the danger of removing too much minerals from our drinking water.


Disadvantage of reverse osmosis water

The downside of drinking RO water comes from the fact that a lot of minerals are removed during this process, even useful ones like magnesium and calcium. In fact, these 2 minerals are 2 of the most important minerals we acquire through drinking water, and not through the consumption of other food because they have been destroyed during the growing process.  If we continuously drink water that are derived of these 2 minerals, there will be long term negative impacts on our overall health, which is actually the opposite of what we want to achieve via filtered water


How to remineralize reverse osmosis water

The solution to drinking reverse osmosis water without losing minerals is remineralization.  It refers to the process of adding minerals back to our drinking water after it has been filtered by the RO water filtration system. This was why I recommended the Home Master in my review of the best reverse osmosis system for 2015.  It is the only RO system included in the roundup that has a remineralization process.

Another way to remineralise osmosis water is to add an water ionizer in your current reverse osmosis system set up. It is basically a time based filter that will release minerals into your drinking water at pre specified timing. It is the only way to enable remineralization for RO systems that don’t have a built this being built in.

However, adding a water ionizer is not cheap. Most will cost around USD140+. Hence, this is why I insist on buying a reverse osmosis water system that have this being built in. It is way cheaper and saves you time on doing further installation.



In summary, reverse osmosis water can be good and bad for you. As long as you know how to properly remineralize your water, there is no harm to drinking reverse osmosis water. It is definitely much cleaner than your average tap water and with remineralization, you wouldn’t lose any of the heath benefits either.

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