Express water 6 stage reverse osmosis system review – cheap but good?

Continuing with my reviews of 6 stage reverse osmosis water filter system, In this article, I am looking specifically at Express Water’s 6 stage RO system.  In the past I have already reviewed express water’s 5 stage reverse osmosis and commented that its cheap prices comes at a cost of no remineralization and an installation challenge. Does this still applies to its 6 stage RO model? Read on to find out.


What is its 6th stage filter?

The most important question to ask for any 6 stage ro system purchase is what does the new additional filter do? In the case of Express Water, its 6th filter is an ionization filter that is meant to remove the hard minerals through an ionization process. In other words, there is still no remineralization filter that I felt every reverse osmosis system must have. In fact, when I did my 4 stage vs 5 stage reverse osmosis comparison, the remineralization is what I expect to be present in the new additional filter.


Is the RODI10D any good?

express water 6 stage reverse osmosis water filter system reviewBesides having no remineralization filter, what other new function is the Express Water’s 6 stage reverse osmosis system bringing to the market? The first big improvement is the water quality as measured by the TDM. Its 5th stage model achieved a good reading of 10 PPM but this 6 stage RO systme blew it out of the water by reaching 3 PPM. That is a very good reading and is a hallmark of any good RO system.

However, the downside is that many minerals have been stripped off and this included the healthy ones that we need. This is why I was disappointed with the lack of a remineralization filter. Hopefully, its 7 stage reverse osmosis system in the future will add this missing component.

The other big thing is its fantastic low price. Express Water has always been famous for being the cheapest reverse osmosis system around but this takes the cake. While other 6 stage RO water filter system is selling at the region of USD300, Express water is selling at half of that price. That is an amazing price point and one that is very friendly to any kind of household budget.

In terms of installation, the instructions given out were much clearly in this version relative to the previous one. Having said that, there is one particular thing you should watch out for. When plugging the hose to the machine, make sure you hear a clicking sound. This will ensure that the hose has been connected securely without any potential for water to be spill out during the RO process.

The storage capacity of the tank is around 3 galleons which is a healthy amount that can satisfy even large families. In terms of production capacity, it can produce up to 100 galleons of clean water in a single day.



Express Water’s 6 stage reverse osmosis system is one of the cheapest 6 stage system around with a fantastic filtering mechanism that takes the TDM to a low of only 3 ppm. The only thing missing is the remineralization filter or it will be a perfect produce to recommend to anyone looking for a good but cheap RO water filter system.

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