Crystal quest countertop reverse osmosis review

In my apec reverse osmosis reviews, I considered the possibility of whether it is one of the best countertop ro systems for the money.  The conclusion was that it is indeed a good system, relative to the others that I have compared. How about those that I did not?  That is the purpose of today’s article as I review crystal quest countertop reverse osmosis and see how it stacks up against the apec model


Crystal quest countertop review

Crystal quest countertop reverse osmosis review One of the first thing to check for in any reverse osmosis system is how low the TDM is after going through its filter. For crystal quest, it can achieve around 17 ppm, which is a pretty decent figure.

Set up is fairly easy. You just need to follow the directions as per instruction as you should be done within 15 minutes. The only thing you might have problem with is the a red nipple in the drain hose.  You need to pull this out for the whole system to work but it is not obvious from the instructions that you should do it.

In terms of output, you can get around 3.5 galleons in an hour which is pretty solid.

Only of the design flaw is the output spigot. It is rather rigid as you can only swing it up and down. If you need specific places to pour the water in, you probably need to assemble the reverse osmosis system around that place.


APEC vs Crystal quest

When comparing against different reverse osmosis systems, here are the common criteria that I like to used. It is not a comprehensive list but reflects my personal bias of what I think a great countertop ro system should have.

  • Water quality: The most important criteria, bar none.  In this area, the apec comes out on top. With a 10 ppm reading, it beats crystal quest’s 17-30 per quite a significant gap.
  • Output: Crystal quest can do about 3.5 galleons per hour while apec produces about 4 galleon in the same hour. In this aspect, it is still a marginal win by apec.
  • Quality: It seems that there is some negative feedback about the quality of the materials used in the crystal quest system. In particular, the plastic hose seems to break easily if you are not careful and is a source of irritant for some customers.  Apec, on the other hand, seems to use better quality materials as I have seen very few negative things being said in this aspect.
  • Pricing: Apec is definitely the more pricey model with a price tag of more than USD200. In comparison, the crystal quest will cost you around USD135. However, you do get what you paid for and in this regard, I think apec is the better value for money model even though it is more expensive.



The crystal quest countertop reverse osmosis system is fairly ok system. It is affordable than most other countertop system although that seems to come at a cost of cheaper materials and less filtering ability. Whether these trade offs are worth the lower price is something you need to decide.

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