Apec ro-90 vs roes-50 : What are their differences

APEC reverse osmosis system is one of the better home RO systems in the market today, especially if you don’t need remineralization for your water.  I have even recommended its Roes-50 as one of the best reverse osmosis system for 2015.  However, APEC has more than one water filtration system and you may want to know what are their differences. Today, we are going to do a Apec ro-90 vs roes-50 comparison so that you can easily see which one is a better fit for your home.

#1: Capacity difference

From the model number, it is obvious there is a capacity difference between the two.  In particular, the ro-90 is able to produce 90 galleons per day while the roes-50 can do 50. Depending on the water needs of your home as well as the size of your family, you can pick the model that can meet those needs.


#2: Frequency of filter change

The ro-90 employs a higher quality filter that can last you more than 1 year before the need to change the filters. The roes-50, in contrast, needs to have a change in filters usually by the 9th month of use.

In my personal opinion, this is not a crucial difference. Changing filter is not an expensive affair so it shouldn’t factor into your purchase decision as much as #1.


#3: Accessories

As you are paying more for the ro-90, the company have thrown in some freebies like the water quality testing meter. Again, this is something that I think is not an important buying criteria as you can easily buy such a meter for around USD30-40. Compared to the price difference between the 2 units, I would say that is some change.


#4: WPA Gold Certification

The ro-90 comes with the WPA Gold Certification, which means it has been certified to remove 99% of all minerals in the water. The roes-50 doesn’t have such certification. The reason, according to the company, is that the certification process is expensive so they didn’t do it for the roes-50 to bring the price down to a more affordable level.

Although it is nice to some a product that has been certified, I feel it is unnecessary given that you can do your testing via the water quality testing meter. My advice is not to pay for the certification by buying the higher priced ro-90 if your home don’t need to have so much water capacity.


#5: Refill rate

The refill rate is actually an important buying consideration that you should take note of, especially for those with large households. In this aspect, the ro-90 outperforms the roes-50 in the ratio of 2:1. It means the ro-90 is actually twice as fast in terms of water refilling. As I said, this will be very useful for families with large water consumption.


In summary, the ro-90 offers a higher capacity and faster refill rate in returns for a higher price. There are other benefits that I don’t think they are that important. You should definitely get the ro-90 if your household usage of water is high. If not, the roes-50 is actually a better value for money product, which is why I recommended this model rather than the ro-50 in my best ro system 2015 review.

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