Best remineralizer filter for reverse osmosis

Remineralizer or mineralizer cartridge is one of the most important accessory that I recommend for any RO system owners. I have already stated my reasons for wanting a remineralizer when I review the best reverse osmosis system for 2015. In short, a good RO system strips away all types of stuff in the water including minerals that good for us. Hence, to ensure that our drinking water still have healthy doses of magnesium and calcium, a remineralizer filter is needed to add these minerals back.  To read more about this, check out my article: is reverse osmosis good or bad for you?

If you agree on the importance of adding minerals back into your water, here is one of the best mineralizer filter for your reverse osmosis system.


Best remineralizer filter review

Best remineralizer filter reviewWhen buying a remineralizer cartridge, there are a couple of things I tend to look out for. The Chanson filter mange to fulfill all of the conditions I want.

One, the ingredients have to increase the PH of the water. Usually, the PH of water that have filtered via a RO system is around 6 or 5.5. This is considered acidic and might not be ideal for your teeth and such. Once you added a remineralizer filter, it should increase the PH to around 7.4+. That is an indicator that the minerals contained in the filter is of the right nature.

The next important thing is the ease of installation. If it requires to rewire and stuff, I wouldn’t bother but this isn’t the case. All it needs is just switching out the filters and wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. I love it for the simplicity as it means anyone can do the installation with little trouble.

In case you want to do know, the size of the cartridge is around 3/8 inch. This is a common sizing and should fit well into most of the home RO system.

In terms of taste, I am happy to report that adding the minerals back into the water didn’t affect the taste too much. One of the things I really enjoy about the RO filter water is how great the taste is. I was worried using a remineralizer filter might spoil the taste but fortunately it did not. For those who are enjoying the great tasting coffee or tea made from RO water, you can enjoy have a peace of mind 🙂



The Chanson remineralizer filter for reverse osmosis system is a great accessory. It not only works but is easy to install. After using this, I never need to worry about whether using reverse osmosis system is good or bad for me.

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