What is the best TDS monitor for ro system

When it comes to measuring the quality of our drinking water, a TDS meter is absolutely necessary. In fact, this is probably all you need if you don’t check your water quality regularly. However for people like me who are religious about knowing the water quality before and after the RO filtering, using the TDS meter can be a bit troublesome. Hence, I switch to a dual inline TDS monitor that display the TDM at all times, thus making it easy for me to know what is the quality of the water at any time and when I should be changing the filters.

This review is based on my experience after buying and using it for the past couple of months.


HM Digital TDS monitor review

tds monitor for ro system reviewThe HM Digital TDS monitor is one of the best rated TDM meter on Amazon, which is why it caught my attention when I was first researching about these products.

The most important quality of a TDS monitor is its measurement precision. If this is inconsistent, other functions are pretty much useless no matter how cool they may seem.  Fortunately, the HD digital TDS monitor is pretty accurate. I know this because I am already aware of what the PPM of my filtered water should be based on my previous results from the TDS meter I was using. This monitor’s output matches the previous reading pretty closely so I know it is accurate.

Like any good TDS monitor, it can display the TDM quality score of both the incoming water as well as the outgoing filtered water.  Just push the buttons to select which source of water do you want the display to show. The display will automatically turn off by itself so there will be little to no power wastage.

Installing the TDS monitor is easy, especially when you compared with installing a home RO system.  Just follow the step by step instruction and you will be done within 10 minutes at most.

Pricing wise, it is not unreasonable as it costs only around USD40+. I bought this when Amazon was giving a discount so I only paid USD25. Compared this to the USD15+ that you need to pay for a good quality TDS meter and you can see why it is for value for money to buy a dual line TDS monitor instead.



A TDS monitor is a great additional to your reverse osmosis system set up. It saves you time by enabling to quickly see the water quality. This also helps to save your money by preventing you from changing the filters too quickly.  Given its affordable price point, I highly recommend getting this dual line TDS monitor for your home.

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