List of reverse osmosis filter with remineralization

While there are many reverse osmosis water filtration systems in the market today, not many comes with remineralization. I know because I was trying to find such a RO system when I was buying mine and could only find the Home Master model. I love it so much that I named it as the best reverse osmosis system for 2015. That was 1.5 years ago. I wondered if there is any new reverse osmosis filter with remineralization beside the Home Master brand and began my research. This article represents what I have found.


#1: Home Master

Best reverse osmosis system reviews - HomemasterThis is the model that I have purchased. After 1.5 years, it is still working great. I have changed the filters once as suggested by the digital TDS meter reading and that is the only change I had to make.  Everything else works just fine and the water quality has never been better. Friends who have tasted it always asked me why does my water taste so good. This is how good the system is. If you want a more detailed review, read this.


#2: Aquasana Reverse Osmosis review

Aquasana reverse osmosis filter with remineralizationThe Aquasana AQ RO3 is a new model that wasn’t around when I bought my Home Master.  Unlike my purchase, the AQ RO3 comes with remineralization. Specifically, it will inject the right amount of calcium, magnesium and potassium such that your water will be PH balanced.

One impressive thing about the Aquasana is its full NSF certification. Most other models have such certification of parts of the RO system, not for the entire thing like what Aquasana has achieved. Such certification is not cheap and it shows how serious the company is in wanting to show its quality.

Water quality, it hits all the right marks in terms of the removal of unwanted stuff in your water. With the remineralization, it ensures that you still get your daily dose of necessary minerals even though they might be stripped out in the first filtering.

However, the Aquasana is not perfect as there are some drawbacks.

Firstly, it requires a bigger space due to the large storage tank. It is best to install this as an under sink RO system due to this space requirements. The reason for having this big tank is due to the way the water is controlled. The entire RO system has a one way water flow. When you are not using it, the water flows in one direction to do the filtering. When it is being used, the water filtering stops as the water flows upwards to supply the water that is needed. This means that the system needs to store its water using a larger capacity as reserve to avoid running out of filtered water.

Second, installation can be pretty tough if you have no plumbing experience. My advice is to paid someone to do it professional to avoid any future complications.

Finally, the replacement filters are rather pricey when compared to other brands such as Home Master or APEC. Since you probably need to change filters once every 6 to 9 months, you are looking at probably spending $100 or more per year for filter replacement.


 Abundant Water Flow RO system with remineralization

Abundant water flow ro system with remineralizationThe Abundant Water Flow ro system is another new brand that wasn’t around when I did my RO purchase. It is so new that there is zero reviews on Amazon. As such, it severely restricts my ability to do research on how well this system can perform, relative to others.

From the feature list, I know it is the only reverse osmosis system with both remineralization and UV lights. No all systems do this and it is a plus point for this new system.

Price wise, it is not that different from the Aquasana and is cheaper than Home Master. Overall, there isn’t much I can say until reviews pop up.



After 1.5 years, I guess there are more options right now if you want to buy a reverse osmosis filter with mineralization.  However, after looking the reviews and reading up on other people’s experience, I still feel that Home Master is the still the best option even though it is the most pricey among the three.

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