Watts premier vs ispring

I have separated reviewed the watts premiere zero waste system as well as the popular iSpring RCCT. However, I have not compare the difference between the two to see if which one comes out on top in a head to head competition.

Watts premiere reverse osmosis system has been discontinued due to lack of demand and probably some problem with the whole system design. In its place is the zero waste kit that sits on top of other reverse osmosis system. In other words, you don’t really have to compare the two brands as they can coexist within one system.

How the Watts Premiere work is simply re directing the used water to different parts of the house such that they can be reused, which saves water and time. This is can done via a pump and some plumbing works that you need to do yourself or get a plumber’s help.

iSpring, on the other hand, is not a zero waste RO system. It is a traditional reverse osmosis system using various layers of filters to basically remove almost 100% of impurities in your water. While this is great for producing clean water, it uses a lot of water as a RO technique basically uses water to clean water.

The good thing about iSpring is its affordability and great results. Reviewers typically will report that their TDM readings after installing iSpring will be in the low single digit range which is a significant improvement when compared to tap water. The price of iSpring is also one of the cheapest in the market today, thus explaining its popularity among the budget conscious.

When you want to have clean water without too much water wastage, then you might want to consider getting both a Watt Premiere reverse osmosis as well as an iSpring RCCT. Since the latter is cheaper than other RO systems in the market, you can use the savings to finance the zero waste kit.

However, be warned that having these two together is going to be a plumbing nightmare as the number of pipes you have to run correctly is beyond most families knowledge. I strongly recommend that you do the set up using the service of a qualified plumber. It will save lots of headache in the long run if you are not doing with DIY plumbing.



After knowing the difference between a Watt Premiere vs iSpring for ro systems, you will be better informed to know which one suits you needs better.

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